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About us

The Restaurant

The Landlord: Luigi Siggnoracci At this point I warmly welcome you on our accessible web-site and want to tell you a little bit about me and my restaurant. "L'incontro" is Italian and means "the meeting place" or "the encounter". That's true even in the figurative sense. I run this restaurant since 1988 satisfying my guests and therefore having a good share of regulars. Me and my team specialises in starters, homemade pasta, fish and meat dishes. Of course you'll also get excellent pizzas here. On warm summer days we have opened our shady beer garden for you. See for yourself.

By the way, if you come to Nuremberg on business (exhibitions/fairs), you can check into the hotel Schwaiger Hof which is only 50 meters away from us.

The suburban train (S-Bahn) takes you to Nuremberg central station in less than 14 minutes. The S-bahn station here can be reached in between 3 walking minutes. The exit Nr. 87 of the autobahn A3 is approximately 950m away from our restaurant.

All Take-away.


viewing from outside
L'INCONTRO From the outside

general room
General room with 35 seats available

the bar
The bar

general room
General room (other view)

beer garden
Beer garden with 40 seats available

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